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5 things you should know AFTER you move into your new home

YOU MADE IT! You did! The stress is over, the tears of joy and maybe a little panic have been shed. You’ve probably cracked open that bottle of wine (or if you are like me that beer) and sat on a box in your probably empty living room and just took it all in.  Now what?  If this is your first home and you didn’t have a lot of support about what to do about what happens after the home buying process, have no fear, I made all of the mistakes, or as I like to call them “discoveries” for you.  Read carefully and enjoy.  1. Get to know your neighbors.    This is one of those things that doesn’t happen anymore but I cannot stress doing this enough. We’ve all seen this in movies. Someone moves into the neighborhood and immediately the door bell rings and there’s this family with a creepy smile and some casserole or baked goods in their hands welcoming you into the neighborhood. Yeah, that doesn’t happen in real life. The most you will get as you are unloading your UHaul is the neighbors outsi

3 part breakdown Generational Wealth

  Generational Wealth is a phrase that has been tossed around a lot in the last few years. While I’m happy the topic is being brought up, I worry about a few things. I’d like to address these things in hopes that by the end of this, you, my dear reader, would have a better understanding of Generational Wealth and why it is very important.  Do we understand what Generational Wealth is? The most basic definition of generational wealth is wealth that is passed down from generation to generation. Usually each generation adds to that wealth before passing it down to the next. Yes, there have been cases where generational wealth gets depleted by a recipient of that wealth but even then the opportunity to recover is greater (but we will get to that later). So what are some of the things that create generational wealth and can be passed down? Well some of the obvious ones are real estate, family businesses and investments. Some of the others that are not so obvious are collectibles/antiques/h